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What type of Aikido is practiced at Japanese Aikido?



In our ever changing world, the sense of security cannot be provided for by others. Having fun and building confidence is what Japanese Aikido is all about. We combine punches and kicks from Shotokan Karate, chokes, arm-bars, and flips from Kodokan Judo. Grabbling, and mat-work from Jujitsu and self-defense. This style of Aikido is a well-rounded martial art for all ages. You will learn how to apply these moves to everyday situations, building awareness and self-control.

One must not forget that Aikido has techniques that originate from jujitsu. All Aikido techniques if applied "correct" and effectively will look hard and be quite painful. If you want to use Aikido out there you cannot allow yourself to be sloppy or else you will get hit, beaten up or even killed. Chances of you falling down are indeed greater then you ever getting into a fight, but still Aikido has to be effective. To know your technique is effective the uke has to feel a certain level of pain and that is good if applied right. Applying a technique correctly is and will be painful, to know where pain starts you have to give and receive techniques to know this. It's like a ukemi, to know how to do a ukemi you have to do it, you must be thrown in order to experience it.

Most people know aikido by the martial art that Steven Seagal has become famous for. He has been promoted to a 7th Degree black belt in Aikido.

I have trained for twenty seven years under Robert Skinner who past away June 18, 2009 , he was a 4th degree in Shotokan Karate under Hidetaka Nishiyama . 4th degree in Judo from the Detroit Judo Club. 4th degree in Japanese Aikido (Yoshinkan) under the US Military, Special Forces. 

I am a 3rd degree in Japanese Aikido (Yoshinkan) and a 1st degree in Kodakan Judo.

New student attire: long sleeve sweat-shirt and loose full length pants or sweats.