50 Year Reunion

Below is a slide show of the reunion and the seminar dinner. On the weekend of May 16, 2008, a reunion took place between the two highest ranking martial artist in the United States! Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, and Sensei Takashi Kushida, the night of the reunion before Mr Nishiyama arrived I asked Mr. Kushida: "How long has it been since you have seen Mr. Nishiyama"? Mr. Kushida answered: " A half century"! I said "A half century, 50 years"? He said "Yes, 50 years, in Japan Mr. Nishiyama is famous like a movie star, very big, very very big".  They were last together in Mr. kushida sensei's dojo training. Sorry to say that Mr. Nishiyama passed away November 7, 2008.
He was born in  October 10, 1928 in Tokyo, Imperial Japan. Mr. Nishiyama was a student and teacher of Shotokan Karate, he was the founder of Janpanese Karate Association in Califorina. His teacher was the founder of Shotokan Karate Funakoshi Gichin. Some of his notable students were:
 Hiroshi Shirai, Takeshi Oishi, Robert Skinner, Vincent Cruz, Robert Fusaro, James Yabe The reunion dinner took place on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday Mr. Nishiyama was in town doing a seminar for about 40 students from around the United States and the Dojo owners went to dinner that Friday night. This Seminar would come to be his almost if not his last one ever put on for the group of us.