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Welcome to Detroit Judo Club Historical Pictures.
Once the largest judo club in the U.S., with over 700 members and 2,500 sq. ft. of tatami, the Detroit Judo Club produced many national champions under the instruction of 3-time U.S. and 2-time Pan-American champion John Osako, Kodokan 7th dan. Discover the history of John Osako, the Detroit Judo Club and U.S. Judo.


15-Year History of the Largest Dojo in the Country

Judo Illustrated, February 1968: "In 1952 the Detroit Judo Club consisted of 15 members meeting one night a week at the local YMCA. Today the DJC is the largest non-profit club in the country, operating its own 10,000 square foot dojo. What transpired during those 15 years is an interesting story..."

John Osako: A Great American Fighter

Judo World, March 1963: "Every world-wide sport produces along with champions - traditions and immortal names. In the Pan-American Judo realm, there exists many such names, but one that is brought to mind at this time, is a person that holds many international judo championships, numerous waza, a quiet likable symbolic figure of the respective American Judo fighter..."

photo: 1956 Pan-American Championships in Havana, Cuba