Aikido, the best for your Body, Spirit, and Mind.
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  Morihei Ueshiba               Jigoro Kano            Gichen Funakoshi

  Japanese Aikido            Kodokan Judo         Shotokan Karate

      1883-1969                        1860-1938               1868-1957

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 Japanese Aikido is held at Jazzersize located

at 250 N. Main St. in the City of Plymouth

class is on Saturday only 11am to 1:30pm




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Connecting with the Past!

Connect with Martial Artist from the 60's and 70's

that you once knew or worked out with.

Send me information such as: name, email, phone #, years, and

where you worked out and I will post them here for others to

get in touch with you. 


If you know any of these former Detroit Judo Club members or Judo participants

they would love for you to e-mail them and I would love to be cc

on the e-mail to put on the web site if you wish.

Names of friends
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 Japanese Aikido


These are the moves we do at Japanese Aikido. 


Mr. Skinner My Sensi, myself Don, and Sam when

we were Brown Belts practicing before class. 

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 My Aikido Story.......By Myron Davis

Ever since I was a young teenager being caught up in the wave of the Kung-Fu and Karate films in the late 60's I've wanted to study martial arts. By practicing with my young friends who's parents could actually afford to have them formally take classes at a martial arts dojo, I learned a little of what they learned but usually ended up just being their 'live sparring dummy'.
My Story
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Video's of Martial Arts 



More Video's
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Below are our class times and any other info. that may come up.

No classes till January 10th 2016




Detroit Judo Club 8th Annual Invitational June 4, 1960 PDF Print E-mail

                   Detroit Judo Club

     8th Annual Invitationa  June 4, 1960






The Annual Invitational
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                Pain Erasure by Bonnie Prudden

Have you ever bent over or picked up an object and you pull a

musle in your back, shoulder or arm? I have pulled a ton of musles doing

Martial Arts and Weight Lifting since High School. Since 1980 after buying

this book, I have releave muscles that have gone into a spasm with the

preasure points that the book maps out for you. I am not into promoting 

anything unless I know it works, and this really works. I have done these

to myself for over 30 years. Click the link below to see it on amazon



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Animated Throwing Techniques of Judo

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A story by Brett DeBear a good friends daughter

and a student wanting to know about Aikido and about

how it can be used for self defense.


Her story

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50 Year Reunion and Seminar Dinner